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The Only Place to Buy Glass Directly from Artists and Head Shops
How it Works
Using Our Platform

Support Glass Artists

Buying a piece on our marketplace means you are buying from some of the best artists and headshops the community has to offer. Support glass-blowers with every purchase and help small business owners around the country.

Buy, Sell, Auction!

Items are posted by artists for sale through auctions or buy now. Everything is backed by our secure payment processor so you can safely and easily buy and sell glass with peace of mind. No more algorithms censoring the community or shutting down accounts.

Sell Glass, Get Paid!

Once a customer completes an order the artists simply enter the tracking number into our site and gets paid directly to their bank account. No more tracking down bidders after auctions or getting scammed!

Quality Hand-Blown Glass

Don’t purchase knock-offs or Chinese fakes with harmful chemicals and ridiculous margins. Enjoy glass knowing you’re supporting the glass community and independent artists around the country.
Using the Website

How to Get Paid

Easily get paid with our completely secure payment processor. We spent over a year finding the perfect bank that is willing to support this community as it grows. Take the risk out of buying and selling glass.
Frequently Asked Questions
Artists/Headshops - Do you guys buy my glass and then resell it?
Nope, you sell directly to customers. Just take pictures of your products and list them for sale by clicking the “add new product” tab. Once the orders come in just ship to the buyers address.
Customers - How can I purchase something listed for auction?
All you have to do is bid on an auction. Once you press the “make bid” button you will be redirected to the page that asks for your payment information. After entering card details you are free to make a bid. Keep in mind, there is a 10% fee added into any auction you win.
Artists/Customers - How much do you charge?
We don’t directly charge you for anything. There is 10% fee which mostly covers our payment processor and operating expenses. When listing an item for sale you are able to choose whether you would like to incur the 10% processing fee or to push it onto the customer.

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