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CFL Sunset Slime Tentacle With Red

$65.00 $60.00
The Green Changes to pink when its entered to sunlight

Blue/Black Silver Implosion Pendant

$65.00 $60.00
Light Blue/Dark Blue with a Silver Implosion

Wig-Wag Portal

$75.00 $60.00
~2" includes a chain and box

Thin Black Red and Aqua Chain

This 31" thin chain is made with cherry, jet black and opaque aqua

Spiraled Wig Wag Hollow Pendant

Spiraled Wig Wag Hollow Pendant by @gatezglass.

Pendant set (UV)

$40.00 $35.00
Hollow pendant set. Color is Samurai, by Greasy Glass

Latticino Coil Pendant

$75.00 $60.00
~2" Slyme backing, includes chain and box